Ancaman Transmisi Rubella bagi Sumber Daya Manusia Pada Era 4.0

Mursinah Mursinah, Subangkit Subangkit, Juwita Kurniawati


Rubella is a disease of public health significance, largely owing to the teratogenic effects of the virus, and is characterized by multiple birth defects known as congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). Indonesia is aiming for measles elimination status by 2020. In 2017 measles rubella campaign was conducted in Java island. This study aims to describe transmission rubella cases in 2 provinces in Java island before and after the measles and rubella campaign.We conducted a retrospective descriptive statistics on the suspected-measles case-based surveillance data that obtained from the national databasein national measles laboratory Jakarta since 2016-2018. Suspected-measles cases who were negative for measles IgM and tested for rubella IgM were extracted from the database. We used only rubella IgM positive and rubella IgM equivocal cases to calculate trends and percentages by person, place and time. During 2016–2018, a total of 5773 suspected-measles cases with known laboratory results were reported. Number of cases from DKI Jakarta is 2598 (77%) and from Banten 508 (23%). There were 3106 samples tested for rubella IgM. Among tested cases, 917 (30%) were classified positive for rubella IgM. Female contributed 504 (55%) of the confirmed rubella cases respectively. The median age was 7 years with age range from 0 month to 65 years. From the total rubella cases, 11% were under 1 year, 19% were 1–4 years, 38% were 5–9 years, 16% were 10–14 years. Women in their reproductive-age 15.8% positivity for rubella.  

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