HbA1c Sebagai Prediktor Kolesterol dan Glukosa Darah : Studi Kohor Faktor Risiko PTM Di kota Bogor

Srilaning Driyah, Ratih Oemati


The Basic Health Researched in Indonesia showed that there were enhancement of diabetic prevalence from 5.7 % (2007) to 6.9 % (2013), it was about 9.1 milion people attacked of diabetic. Huge of health financing caused of diabetes mellitus ( including catastropic diseases) reflected in BPJS claims. Based on BPJS data, the cost of catastropic diseases were Rp.20,42 trillion.  The measurement of HbA1c is more accurate to determine blood glucose for two until last three months. This study was to know description of HbA1c and the determinant factors. This was of sub set data sample of cohort study of risks factors of non communicable disease in Bogor city.  Sample was taken from screening data of respondents in 2017 (n = 1000) with purposive approach. The complete data that could be analize were 947 respondents. Dependent variable was result of HbA1c and indipendent variables were, sosiodemographics, blood glucose (fasting and 2 hours after eating), and total colesterol. The data analysis was bi variate  and chi square test. Result of correlation test showed that HbA1c and the fasting glucose, two hours after eating and  total colesterol were significant (p=0,000), with the highest of correlation value (0,77) in blood glucose, but correlation in total colesterol just 0,2.


Keywords: HbA1c, total cholesterol, blood sugar, cohort PTM

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