Risiko Asfiksia Neonatorum Pada Bayi Lahir Rendah Dengan Usia Gestasi Kurang Bulan (Preterm) dan Cukup Bulan (Aterm) di RSPAD Gatot Soebroto Periode Tahun 2018

Ayola Dewi Utami, Lisa Safira, Mila Citrawati


Asphyxia neonatorum is one of infant death cause. Asphyxia neonatorum can occur because of the low birth weight (LBW) infant. According to WHO 2006, one of the causes of infant death is asphyxia (23%)  and low birth weight infant (27%). The research was aimed to know the risk of asphyxia between preterm and aterm low birth weight infants at RSPAD Gatot Soebroto in 2018. The research design was case control with 48 infants as subjects;  24 infants in case group and 24 infants in control group. The sample technic was purposive sampling. Sampling based on the specific criteria.  Chi square test result p value= 0.029. Therefore, there was a meaningful correlation between the low birth weight preterm and aterm gestation to occurrence asphyxia neonatorum. Odds ratio (OR) 4.2 with CI 95%,1.107-16.167 shows the risk factor of low birth weight infant with preterm has a big risk for 4,2 times to experience asphyxia neonatorum.

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