Digital Document Security System Ministry of Defense uses the Advance Encryption Standard (AES) Method

Muhammad Sutomo, Erly Krisnanik


Information is a valuable asset that must be managed properly by individuals,
government and private organizations. Therefore the security of information becomes
very important. The Indonesian Ministry of Defense requires security of valid
documents, especially classified letters that are distributed through electronic
communication facilities, carried out by a unit called the Ministry of Defense's
Password Room. The purpose of the document coding is 1) to provide convenience,
speed and security in the distribution of letters given the wide distribution of the
location of the Ministry of Defense Work Unit Office; 2) Efficiency of the stages of
processing letters from receipts to shipments to the satker's address can be shortened
and 3) Speeding up the data search process and providing convenience for leaders to
carry out monitoring and analysis of strategic information. Based on this, the
researcher built the Ministry of Defense Document Coding Information System
managed by the Password Room using the Advance Encryption Standard (AES)
method to increase security from possible information leakage / theft. The technique
used in AES uses substitution (S-boxes) directly on the document using a larger
encryption key that is 256 bits. The results of this study are an integrated Ministry of
Defense digital document security system.

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